The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation was created with one primary goal, that of protecting the water quality of Lac Courte Oreilles and, as an extension of that, preserving the property values of lakefront property.

To achieve this goal the Foundation solicits tax deductible funds from private and public sources that have a direct stake in the preservation and enhancement of the water quality of our lake. The Foundation uses these funds to stop pollution, particularly phosphorus pollution, restore habitat, research and study water quality issues, combat aquatic invasive species, meet financial requirements under state grants that benefit the water quality of the lake, educate property owners and the public about proper lake stewardship practices, finance litigation when necessary to protect the water quality of the lake, and for such other uses as may be appropriate.

The Foundation can enter into, make, perform and carry out contracts of every kind for the purposes set forth above with any person, firm, association or public, private or quasi-public corporation, or any municipality or government of any subdivision, district or department thereof. The Foundation posseses all the powers authorized and allowed to non-profit corporations under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, to be exercised exclusively for the purposes set forth above.

The Foundation assists the Courte Oreilles Lakes Association (COLA) with projects such as the curly leaf pond weed spraying in Musky Bay, with the boat and trailer inspection program at the public boat landings, and other projects that benefit the lake.

The Foundation conducts direct mailings to all lake front property owners to inform them about the serious issues that are impacting their use of the lake. The Foundation also uses these mailings to solicit funds from property owners in order to continue, and to expand, the preservation and protection of the water quality of the lake.

Many families have enjoyed Lac Courte Oreilles for decades and have properties that multiple generations have used and enjoyed. The only way that this use and enjoyment of the lake can be experienced by future generations is to aggressively work to improve the water quality of the lake and to stop the actions of those whose practices degrade the water quality and ultimately, the value of our properties.